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The LeoLabs cloud-based system handles radar operations and data processing, delivery, and display for our users. Data is delivered via fully automated, tailored web services without the need to install local software packages.

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Experience These Services Now

Our web services are used operationally today by government and commercial organizations around the world. See live examples of real data from LEO.

LEO Catalog Visualization

See the current LeoLabs object catalog, updated daily as we add new objects.

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Tracking and Monitoring Dashboard

See the latest live tracking information for a satellite in LEO.

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Collision Avoidance Dashboard

View a Conjunction Analysis Report for a high-risk event.

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Collision Avoidance Visualization

View a 3D animation of a high-risk conjunction at the time of closest approach.

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Services for space mission operations

  • All LeoLabs services are accessible via RESTful APIs for scalability and automation
  • Operator dashboards provide browser-based tools for accessing curated data products and event analytics
  • 100% cloud-based services, hosted on AWS and accessible securely from any device
  • Services built for large constellations requiring high system performance – uncapped API usage and lightning-fast task execution
  • Organizational support for any number of satellites, services, and users with robust administrative controls

Read our full API documentation here:

LeoLabs subscription web services enable:

  • Increased operational efficiencies through task automation
  • Greater transparency with full radar network access and tasking capabilities
  • Customization of event reporting and monitoring – only look at what you need to
  • Higher quality and quantity of data for faster, more informed decision making to protect your bottom line

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