LeoTrack is the first of its kind commercial service to track satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO). Designed specifically for the unique needs of today's smallsat operators, LeoTrack leverages the LeoLabs global radar network to deliver precision orbit tracking and curated data products for operational satellites. By utilizing LeoTrack, owner-operators now have access to accurate satellite location data to inform operational decisions and best practices within the satellite community.

LeoTrack is provided as a web-based subscription service and includes the following features:

  • Prioritized tracking of your satellites with our global network of phased-array radars
  • Fitted orbit state vectors with covariances delivered 5-7x per week or more, depending on orbit and satellite characteristics
  • Precision ephemerides generated on-demand
  • Data dashboards for your satellites, including access to current and historical data, predicted next passes, state vector comparisons, and embeddable 2D/3D visualizations showing location of your satellites in real-time
  • Platform access via website, command line, or RESTful API
Vis screenshot

To learn more about LeoTrack or request access to the service, use the links below.