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As commercial space ventures and newly-formed space agencies from every corner of the globe compete for their place in the emerging LEO economy, LeoLabs is here to address a new generation of risks and opportunities to preserve LEO for future generations.

Leadership Team

LeoLabs is led by a team of experts with deep experience in the space and technology industries. Our executive team has flown 3 missions to LEO, built 5 radars, built 10 satellite payloads, run two scientific observatories, launched a new programming language, and served on console for multiple launches.

About LeoLabs

LeoLabs was founded in 2016 as a venture-funded spinout of Silicon Valley research pioneer, SRI International, by scientists and space industry veterans committed to securing Low Earth Orbit (LEO). LeoLabs is built on 30+ years of R&D in radar systems and satellite tracking algorithms. The team is rapidly expanding its global radar network and data services platform to help satellite operators deploy their services safely and to empower governmental space agencies with detailed visibility into the LEO ecosystem.



Transparency is critical for trust. LeoLabs aims to provide the most trusted services for space. We build trust by delivering large amounts of high-quality data, accurate quality metrics, and critical meta-data with every service we provide.

Bold Innovation

LeoLabs is committed to making transformative leaps leap in transparency, space safety, analytics, and radar technology.

Respect and Humility

We are a team of passionate experts. We deeply respect our coworkers and customers.


Aviation Week Network’s 2019 Annual Laureate Award for Outstanding Achievement in Space

Inaugural SpaceNews Space Stewardship Award (Editors’ Choice 2019)

Satellite 2018 Startup Space Grand Prize Winner

World Satellite Business Week 2017 Finspace Award



Includes AMISR technology from SRI International

Midland Development Corporation


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